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Revenue sharing program

Put your assets in safe hands, and get the most of your assets with our “Revenue sharing program”

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Buy it now program

You are in a hurry to turns your assets into cash. you can do it with our “Buy it now program”.

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We can take care of the hole process of your assets liquidation project under our revenue sharing programs, or “buy it Now” Program.

Revenue Sharing Program

We have a great downstream network of buyers, and can sell your equipment on consignment.
Our revenue sharing program benefits everyone. If you have an equipment list to submit for revenue sharing Request a pickup today!

Bulk Acquisitions

If you have NON-end-of-life items, or if your items are valued at less then $2,000 total, we may be interested in purchasing them.We regularly make offers on pickups that we audit on-site. turns your assets into cash with our "buy It now Program", Request a Quote today!.

Data Destruction

Data Destruction Services We offers data destruction services both on-site or in our location. Once we destroy your data, you will receive an itemized Certificate of Destruction for your records. If you need a full audit of your devices and hard drives, we also offer serialized reporting.

Equipement Rental

Competitive office equipment Rental rates. you need a copier, printer, Scanner, laptops, Desktops, monitors, projectors or any other device. we are here to satisfy your business needs. don't hesitate to check our available equipment catalog. as well you can submit a request so we can get what you need.

Meet Our Leadership

Find out more about the people who help shape our organization.

Zouhair Wafiq - Victolab LLC Founder

Zouhair Wafiq

Business minded, customers oriented and Passionate about new technologies

Hafid Abderrahim - Victolab LLC Marketing Director

Hafid Abderrahim

VICTOLAB LLC Marketing Director
Bachelor of Laws, passionate about communication, problems solving and innovation.

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